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The benefits of a SaaS Transformation (both the obvious and non-obvious)

And why all Applications Software Companies will soon be SaaS

Why All Software Will Be SaaSOur Thesis: We spend a lot of time helping both companies and investors think through SaaS Transformations. Our general thesis is that SaaS transformations represent a significant opportunity for investors and operators alike to capitalize on the growth opportunities, efficiencies, and valuation differential experienced by SaaS companies. This thesis is comprised of the following supporting arguments:


Why PE and Agile haven’t always gone together

Agile and PE: They haven't always gone togetherHaving advised PE-backed companies, we see an unusual proportion of companies that have not yet embraced Agile software development and/or struggle to adopt it under a PE umbrella. While the majority of both startups and public companies we see have embraced Agile, why is it that this trend doesn’t carry over to PE-backed software companies? In this article we will examine this phenomenon and explore solutions for evolving to an Agile approach even in a PE-backed, modest growth software organization. (more…)