My career has been exclusively focused on software, whether as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, advisor or consultant.  I enjoy all projects that leverage my insight and enthusiasm for software technologies combined with the unique drivers and business methods we find in software and related industries.  In my Blog I tend to write about findings or best practices that I observe during my travels typically as a consultant, but sometimes as an investor, friend, or advisor.

Personally, my interests outside of work tend to be charity or sports related.  My affinity for sports as well as the metaphors derived from sports that often apply equally well to business have inspired the “MVP” theme of his blog.

I enjoy running (5K pace around 6:30), golf (low single digit), and participating as a fan of several sports where I am an avid fan of both the NY Giants and the New England Patriots (8 Superbowl victories amongst them during my lifetime).  I grew up in New York, work mainly in Boston, but live in Providence, RI with my wonderful wife Pamela and brilliant daughter Amy.

A more complete bio can be found on the Bulger Partner’s Web Site or on my LinkedIn profile.